Elizabeth and Franktown August 15th meeting with attachments

Hi Everyone,

First and foremost, thank you all for coming to the August 15th meeting.   

The turnout was amazing.  It showed how much we all care for our beautiful rural communities.  It was pretty clear at the meeting that we do not want the over-development in Elizabeth that is ruining so many areas of Colorado.  After all, Elizabeth is not Parker.  

Colorado Suburbia by David Shankbone

Working together we can make a difference.  Elected leaders are supposed to listen to their citizens.  Please everyone get your thoughts and positions to the elected leaders of Elizabeth because what’s happening there will affect both of our communities. 

Please attend the August 21st community meeting at Elizabeth High School at 6:00 in order to speak up about the Elizabeth Comprehensive Plan (ECP).  â€‹There will be a presentation of the latest form of the ECP and then breakout sessions for discussion.  

Attached you will find the Power Point presentation, the agenda, and lists of the sources for our presentation that many people asked for at the meeting on the 15th.  It will also be posted to the savefranktown.com website.  Some information has been added to make sure you are aware of which entity votes for the ECP and which entity votes for annexation, development approval and zoning.  

Also, to ensure the information we presented to you was correct, which is very important to us, please be aware that we took the statistics and information from voluminous sources, such as, Elizabeth’s and Elbert County’s websites, CDOT’s website, the U.S. 2010 Census, the United States Geological Survey (A federal scientific agency), Elizabeth officials, Colorado Division of Water Resources, Colorado statutes and regulations, etc.  Many of the sources we used are listed on the PPT and the back of the agenda for you to review.

Diana Love
FCC II, Inc.  President