Write to the Commissioners

quill_psf_vectorPoints of Information for Emails and Letters to the Douglas County Board of Commissioners

As promised at Monday’s meeting (October 10, 2016), here is guidance for your emails and letters to the Planning Commission (PC) and the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC).  Be advised, this information must be used in two phases.

  1. First use the guidance for your initial emails and letters to the Planning Commission.
  2. Once, the Planning Commission (PC) sends its report to the BOCC then, and only then, should you use this information for new (follow-on) emails and letters to the BOCC.

This process must be followed because the BOCC is not allowed to have communications on issues they will vote on until after the Planning Commission (PC) meets and makes its recommendation.

These documents are informational (only) and are designed to provide suggestions for emails and letters; but please make certain that the emails and letters you send have your individual and personal touch.

BOCC Email list: