franktown-pikes-peak-grange-1910-savefranktownWe are Save Franktown…. working to maintain our community and help foster a brighter future. We are Franktown residents, citizens, parents, your neighbors, who oppose high-density development of Franktown (ie. FranktownVillage).

Don’t let them double the size of Franktown!fox-31-denver-logo

Here’s what might happen:

  • Water: will your well dry up like others already have in the Franktown area and in other areas of Douglas County? (NOTE: According to Douglas County Planning, water has been hauled in to Region A, Plum Creek Subdivision for approximately 15 years!)
  • Quality of life: huge increase in traffic – noise, air and light pollution
  • Rural setting: our rural ambiance will be destroyed

The financial viability of Franktown Village development is a huge problem:

  • The county does not enforce design plans, so anything can be built as long as what’s built meets the codes
  • Once the infrastructure is in, the project can be sold to anyone either in whole or piecemeal.
  • Less open space available to wildlife!

Get involved now. Save Franktown. Save your water.

We will work to assure county adherence to Douglas County’s stated objectives.

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