The Citizens of Franktown have done IT! We won!!

27 July 2017.

Hi everyone.

An amazing day.  For those of you who couldn’t make it, we won!  The developers withdrew their request to rezone Franktown and will not bring this one back!

fire worksI want you all to have a great day to celebrate what we’ve accomplished.  Many said we couldn’t do it.  You deserve it so much! Without all of us working together it would NOT have happened.  Do not in anyway discount what each of you have done.   For all of the donations, preparation, work, speech preparation (thank you to all and especially those who worked so hard on their speeches but didn’t get to present} coming to the meetings over and over, emails, phone calls, community outreach, thank you all.  We’ve done it TOGETHER! We the people!!!  

Now for the future.  Even if the developers had not withdrawn their rezoning application, if the BOCC had voted against it the developers could have by law brought back another but different request because it is their land.  Their attorney, Jack Reutzel, assured your FCC II Board that they will work with the Franktown community on a plan that we will accept.  What I explained to him is this: the FCC II Board will meet with them to hear their DRAFT plan that they come up with, but they MUST come to the community and present it to get the community’s input on it and the community’s position on it at a public meeting!  Ball’s in their court.   So we’ll see what they come up with.

In the meantime, save your signs and speeches.  Your FCC II will keep you updated if we hear of anything that happens.  But stay involved.  Stay educated on what’s going on. Please don’t forget and not keep up to date.  Go to the Douglas County Planning Pro every once in awhile and check to see if you see anything on that website for Franktown.  I people ask you “what happened?” Please tell them we won but we all must work together for the future.

We truly are a community working ONWARD TOGETHER!

A special “shout out” to a couple of people:

Greg Lopez, who was the former Mayor of Parker, had no “dog in this fight” but also came over and over and spoke for Franktown because he believed it was the right thing to do and that this rezoning plan was wrong.  Many of you may not know it but he is running for the Republican nominee for Governor.  I am not a Republican.  I am an Independent.  But Republican, Democrat or Independent, to see an official who takes the time to help just because he believes it’s right, is something that must be given credit and thanked.

And Adriana’s in Franktown.  When businesses we talked to wouldn’t help because they didn’t want to get involved (or even supported this rezoning plan), Adriana’s restaurant in Franktown stood up and told us we could put that big notice sign on her property.  Please thank her and patronize her restaurant often.

And Jace Glick, a developer for a long time in Southern Douglas county who saw that this development was wrong and stepped up to support us.

And Mark Rabideau, a truly gifted webmaster, who built and maintained a terrific and informative website as well as included our information on numerous social media sites.

Warm regards to you all.  What a fabulous place to live.

We wish we could individually thank you all, but please know that you all have our deepest thanks for what you’ve done,

Diana Love, President and
Your FCC II Board and Steering Committee