Elizabeth Recall Petitions Filed for the Mayor and the Entire Board of Trustees

Yesterday, Elizabeth’s “We Are Not Parker Committee” filed recall petitions for the mayor and the entire Board of Trustees! 

This mayor and Board of Trustees voted unanimously on all the big developer requests listed on the petitions.  Review the information on the petition and sign to save Elizabeth.  Elizabeth Strong! 

Franktown and Elizabeth are sister communities.  What happens in Elizabeth affects Franktown and what happens in Franktown affects Elizabeth.  On Wednesday, August 21st, at the community meeting in Elizabeth, the two communities came together in a huge turnout (over 700) to support the protection of our two areas from the overdevelopment that is ruining Colorado.  While the presentation (so-called presentation) said that the eastern edge of greater Franktown was taken out of their comprehensive plan, those of you who picked up the document ( I did) titled “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) take a look at the very bottom of the front page.  It reads:

“These areas (within three miles of the Town limits) extend into unincorporated areas in both Elbert and Douglas Counties. The Town does not have any plans to expand its boundaries at this time.” 

Obviously, this means those that are in power in Elizabeth right now are looking to expand the town’s boundaries into rural parts of both areas–they’re just not telling you when!! Stay alert and continuously involved.

With these filed recall petitions (seven –one for each person), the citizens who live in the town of Elizabeth, and are registered voters, have the opportunity to protect both areas.  

With a recall of the mayor and the Board of Trustees, the citizens of the town of Elizabeth will have the opportunity to elect officials that will stand strong and make decisions that will protect our two beautiful areas. Elizabeth is beginning an Elizabeth Citizens’ Coalition.  Together, the two Coalitions can do great things.

Diana Love
President Franktown Citizens’ Coalition II, Inc.