Stop The Vultures That Are Circling Franktown

Hi Everyone,

As you know, the Franktown Citizens’ Coalition II was formed to try to protect all of the Franktown area, not just the area at  southeast corner of the intersection of Hwy 83 and Hwy 86–the one we won last year because of all of you!  You should be aware that there are several things pending on the County website for requested development and/or rezoning in Franktown.  The FCC II will be setting up a firestation meeting in a month or two to bring all of you up to speed on those things that are pending.

A Call to Action:  You can always go to the Douglas County Planning Pro site on the internet where that information resides.   It is up to all of us to be vigilant.  Also, check out any signs that go up.  Let us know anything you hear about/see.  We’ll check out information that you send us and help get out the word.  We all need to rally together to try to stop damaging/density increasing development in Franktown. Please forward this to anyone you know who may want this information.
A couple of things that are important for you to know about.

The one circling us now is the: Flintwood and Hwy 86 rezoning 

Request ZR2018-011:  It’s crucial to rally on this one right now.

Everyone who can, please attend the Planning Commission Hearing on Monday, the 17th at 7:00 at 100 3rd St. in Castle Rock and speak to request this rezoning application be denied.  This is the one we rallied for a week and a half ago and then it was continued  after very late notice to us.  This is a new rezoning request to go from Agricultural zoning to residential zoning at Flintwood and Hwy 86. We are resisting the rezoning of this property because it represents the biggest issue we’re fighting:  the conversion of agricultural and open rural area to much denser residential development.  If done, this land will no longer be able to be used for ranching or agricultural purposes, and will be occupied by the maximum number of houses allowed under the rezoned standards.

We will be asking the County to adhere to the standards of the Comprehensive Master Plan (CMP), which recognizes this large lot and its surroundings as part of the Franktown Rural Community.  The CMP has specific protections for this as a Non-Urban Area as well as a Rural Community.  For these areas of the county, the CMP include objectives and policies to protect agricultural and large lot areas from being infested by a patchwork of residential-only developments.  It also protects against the steady spread of these residential zones into the agricultural areas of our county – zones that are such an important part of our rural charter and ranch-oriented industry.


Their are other organizations who have projects that protect Franktown.  One of these was a request by the Douglas Land Conservancey (DLC) for the inclusion of the Wellborn Ranch in a conservation easement so that it cannot be developed.  The two attachments to this email give you information on the latest efforts of the FCC II to reach out to support those efforts and what has happened.  The email to the FCC II from the DLC says this request was approved.  Good stuff for Franktown!.

Here’s some of the language from our attached letter to the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service supporting the DLC:

“I am writing to you on behalf of the Franktown Citizens’ Coalition II (FCC II).  Our Coalition is dedicated to the preservation of Franktown as a rural community in compliance with the Douglas County Comprehensive Master Plan.

Thank you for your consideration of the Trust for Public Land’s (TPL) application for funding to protect the 830-acre Wellborn Ranch in Douglas County.  Located in the rapidly growing town of Franktown.  Conservation of this ranch will help to provide a balance between development and the traditional farming and ranch uses in the area while complimenting the nearby Castlewood Canyon State Park.  The proposed conservation easement will be held by the Colorado Cattlemen’s Agricultural Land Trust (CCALT).”

​Hope to see you all on Monday the 17th at the Planning Commission hearing to continue our efforts to keep the “vultures” away from Franktown.


Diana Love