What is the price of our silence?

price-of-silenceWhen we moved to Franktown two years ago, we experienced a sense of community like never before, and our attendance at the “Save Franktown” meetings has strengthened those convictions. We are deeply touched by the strength, humility, determination and pride our community members have demonstrated in coming together to defend the land, water and lifestyle that we cherish. Franktown is one of only three designated rural communities in Douglas County, and the “semi-urban” high density development proposed for Franktown Village will drastically change our community forever. All of our wells and property values are at stake. The 25% increase in Franktown population will result in overcrowding at our local schools as well as increases in crime and traffic. The impacts of this proposed development are far-reaching and are discussed in detail at SaveFranktown.com.

With all of this at stake, we have to wonder why every Franktown citizen is not actively involved in this battle. The land use and water rights attorneys who have advised our community have stressed that the number one weapon we have in our arsenal is active INVOLVEMENT of EVERY FRANKTOWN CITIZEN!

Every voice and every body counts. Please visit SaveFranktown.com, attend the community meetings, and most importantly, help us to convey a strong, unified presence at the Planning Commission and County Commissioner meetings. Enlist the assistance of your neighbors and spread the word.

What is the price of our silence? Once our lifestyle is gone, it can never be restored.

–Julie and David Price, Bannockburn