Franktown Village, SaveFranktown & FCC Updates!

Work Together!

Work Together!Hello Everyone,

Just a quick update.  Also, please make sure you check our website  “” for updates and the County website.


The FVPD developers through their attorney indicated they believe they will be filing the updated FVPD application sometime in March (see updates and newspaper article on our website). Keep checking the PRO area of the Douglas County website for any changes to the project numbers involved in this proposed development (ZR2012-008 and ZR2014-003WS) to keep yourselves aware of anything happening.  >From that new filing we should all be requesting through emails to the County that the FVPD be sent out again for referral.  Just so all of you know what that is:  When a proposed development has been newly filed, or has significant changes, it must be sent out to affected agencies and persons for comment.  Last time it was sent out for referral the Rural Water Authority of Douglas County (RWADC) opposed this proposed development as it was written at the time.   Should the newly edited proposed development be referred out again, it would be great if the RWADC and/or other entities oppose it again.


The FCC II is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization.  Those of you who have already donated please contact our treasurer, Kathy Wright (303-660-0647), who will make sure you get a letter that you can use for your taxes.  Kathy can also accept more donations at any time as we will be needing funds to keep this effort going. Those of you who have been able to attend the meetings at the fire station are aware of how the funds have been spent as Kathy gives an update each time.  If any of you have questions about that, Kathy is available to answer those and to accept your donations.  We are all in this fight together.


Your Board (Diana Love, President; Bo Bove, Vice President; Rosa Martinez, Secretary; Kathy Wright, Treasurer; and Mike Mullinix, Member-At-Large) and your steering committee (Dick Savage, Sara Scott, Joe Call, Joe Vrablikco, Danielle Bryan, Malcolm Bedell, Kim Ross. and Neal LaFon) have been working diligently on a professional, factual presentation to start off our side at the hearings when they are finally set.  (As you know, it is just as important when the time comes that all of you are ready to sign up and speak as well!.  The more we have, definitely, the better.).  Your Board and the Steering Committee are also working together to have information to be passed out to the public, for more ideas on how to get out the word, etc.


Getting out the word and staying involved is vitally important.   Those of you who have Facebook and/or Twitter (or any other social media) please send out this email to all of your contacts.  For Twitter, the sentence in red above should work since you are limited in the amount of words.  If it’s too many bytes, please shorten as needed.  If you can put more, perhaps the project numbers would be helpful to everyone.  Check if you know people who have not signed the petition and please have them sign it.

Thank you all.  ONWARD!

Diana Love,

President, FCC II