Franktown Citizens’ Coalition II Opposition Comments To IREA Substation ZR2020-011 – A Request For Everyone’s Help

Hi Everyone,
As many of you are aware, on January 23rd of this year we had a community meeting regarding the Independence project.  Included in that meeting was also a presentation from IREA concerning the location of an electrical substation right along Highway 86 in Franktown.  At that meeting there was considerable opposition to that proposed location–especially since the presenter indicated that the substation was mainly for electricity for Castle Rock and Parker.  The FCC II and the Deerfield HOA met with the IREA again on February 26th at their office to explain in detail why all of the concerns were raised at the community meeting in January.  Despite that, the IREA filed an application on May 12th to gain approval to build the electrical substation at the location the community objected to at the January meeting.  Therefore, to support the community’s voiced objections, attached you will find the FCC II write up of the issues brought up at that meeting and the reasons why the FCC II is opposed.  I have also attached a stellar write up by Tom Bowles, Deerfield DHPO President, with their opposition concerns that he brought up at the February meeting with the IREA.  The FCC II Board agreed with those concerns.
I have a request for everyone’s help please.  The county has not received many referral responses from the HOA’s in Franktown who the county indicates they were sent to.  If the HOA’s Board agrees with the attached opposition positions, would all of the HOA’s who receive this please send in your own opposition. You are welcome to use the FCC II’s and Deerfield’s (I’ve cleared it with Deerfield) opposition papers and just attached them to an email from your HOA why you agree with them and oppose the location of this electrical substation.  Also, any individual community member who agrees, please send in your opposition and these attachments, as well.
Please forward this to those who might not get it, both HOAs and individuals, because, although I have a really good reach out list, I do not have all of the HOA’s and individual’s emails.
PLEASE NOTE two things:  
1.The time to send in responses closes May 26, 2020
2. Because of CoVid-19 the Planning Commission hearing for this on June 1, 2020 is planning to be virtual.  The county will be sending me the information.  I have been told there is a link on the website and I will be receiving a copy of that link.  Once I do, I will send that out to all of you as well.
Bless you all.  Stay safe. 
Diana Love