Latest FCC II Filings On Independence Application For Upper Dawson

Hi Everyone,

Attached you will find the latest two FCC II filings in the fight against Independence’s request to significantly expand its use of the Upper Dawson. Also Water is the driving force of all nature. - Leonardo da Vinciattached is the FCC II’s treasurer’s report.

First: At no cost to us, a wonderful member of the FCC II Steering Committee, Mr. Harry Ranney, President of CHL Engineering Inc., prepared an excellent and needed engineer’s report in response to the engineer’s report that Independence filed. The FCC II is very appreciative and thankful for Mr. Ranney, for his continuing work with the FCC II and his support of the Franktown community.

Second: This document is our second filing. It is the FCC II’s response to Independence’s changes in their draft request to the referee for approval. Thank you to our attorney, John Buchanan, for a terrific job and for his continued careful use of the funds the community has donated for this fight.

Third: See also attached FCC II treasurer’s report on how the funds are being spent. Many thanks to FCC II’s great treasurer, Hyla Jenks. Please Note: This report does not include August’s legal work to get the above documents completed and filed.

While there is never any guarantee in a legal fight, our community has stood up again to try to protect our community and our diminishing water. I think you will find a lot in these two filings that the referee can use to find for our side. If he doesn’t, the next step is trial. We will discuss that as this goes along.

Bless you all. Because of you, Franktown is a wonderful place to live. Please stay safe and well.

Diana Love