Update: 5 Feb 2018 2040 County Master Plan Mtg & Schedule


Franktown ViewHi All,

Last night kicked off the beginning of changes to our County’s master plan.   It was basically a general discussion of the process and the timeline. No particulars yet so we need to really be involved and comment.  There were several speakers.  Franktown is listed as an area to “update.”   It is a fairly quick moving schedule.  See below on the estimated timeline.   Public hearings will be in numerous locations.  The dates and locations will be put on the County website.



Diana Love
Franktown Citizens’ Coalition II

Estimated Timeline for 2018-2019:

  • February 5, 2018 – 2040 CMP Kick-Off Event with the Planning Commission
  • March and April 2018 – Public outreach meetings
  • April to June 2018 – Synthesis of public comments and prepare Draft CMP
  • July to August 2018 – Draft 2040 CMP available for public comment and agency referral
  • September to October 2018 – Additional public meetings on the Draft CMP
  • November 2018 to February 2019 – Finalize the CMP and prepare to present to the Planning Commission
  • March to April 2019 – Share the 2040 CMP with the Planning Commission, receive input, revise and present for adoption