June 5th Update!

Hearing Image

Hearing ImageHi Everyone,


For those who were unable to make it last night due to conflicting schedules, you missed some amazing, thoughtful, intelligent, heartfelt speeches by your Franktown neighbors.  It would have made you proud. They were terrific! And our picketers–a great job again! The hearing went to almost 11:00 and many stalwart people stayed to the end.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t time for the developers’ rebuttal and the Planning Commission’s deliberations.  That will be on June 19th in two weeks.

Three Commissioners talked to me personally at the end of the hearing and told me how impressed they were with the number of people, the caring of our community and the professionalism of the audience and speakers. This was echoed to the audience by a couple of the Commissioners during the hearing.  That shows how important it is for all of you to be there.  The hearing on June 19th (7:00) will not be nearly as long as last night.  Being there makes a great impression.  And you can hear first hand what the developers try to pull in their rebuttal and, more importantly, hear the Planning Commission’s deliberations.

Every Franktown citizen opposed to the high density rezoning needs to show up–whether you speak or not.  That’s VERY important going forward.    Our continued presence at every single hearing has an impact with the Commissioners.   Don’t let the developers wear us out!  That’s what they want. Come and show your solidarity with your neighbors and friends.

Great job last night!  See you June 19th!


Diana Love