June 5th Planning Commission Meeting!

May 15 SaveFranktown
May 15 SaveFranktown

Hi All,

As many of you are aware, the second round for the Planning Commission hearing is this Monday, June 5th at 6pm.

There is no way to over-emphasize how important it is for you to show up- no matter ESPECIALLY THE BOARD OF COMMISSIONER’S HEARING WHEN THAT ONE GETS SET. THE LAST ONE WAS FABULOUS. how many hearings!

A PICKET LINE AGAIN WOULD BE GREAT. WE NEED TO DO ONE FOR EVERY SINGLE HEARING, especially the Board of Commissioners’s Hearing, when that one gets set.

What Great People we have in Franktown! Dan Craig will be there to set it up again. Kudos to him and all of you!

Here’s some information for the hearing:

  • You can still sign up to speak!!
    • Here is the present sign up sheet for speaking from May 15th where they left off: Franktown PC Speakers List
    • A Fact Corner with cited sources with vital information for your use and knowledge will shortly be added to the savefranktown.com website, NextDoor, and Facebook.


Diana Love