Two Good Wins!

We won!
Hi Everyone,
Two legislative wins have occurred where the Franktown community played a part. They were outlined in 3 of my recent Newsletters reaching out to all of you who love Franktown and are working together to keep it rural.
1.  The first one was SB23-213. This was a proposed state senate bill that would have increased urban density statewide.  If this bill had passed, it would have taken zoning decisions out of local control and allowed the state to control zoning for Franktown and the entire state. This bill did not pass!
2. Changes to Douglas County Zoning Ordinance Section 15.  In short, the changes proposed would have allowed developers to move forward without having to consider the impact on the character of the surrounding area (like Franktown’s).  All the proposed changes were tabled by the County Commissioners. A “shout out” of thanks goes to Holly Green and Margo Knutsen for all of their work on this issue.
Thank you so much to everyone who reached out, wrote, called and/or attended.  The Franktown community is the best!  What an incredible place to live.  We win together!
On Section 15.  It should be noted that the people of Douglas County were listened to by our Douglas County Commissioners.  That doesn’t happen everywhere.  Thanks go out to them, as well, for hearing us and responding.
Diana Love