Hello Everyone,

Thank you for reading the information sent out earlier regarding the necessity of filing a 26(a)1 form with the water court in order to preserve your inclusion in the case in opposition to the Independence “water grab.”  It was brought to my attention that in the attorney’s 26(a)1 document in my previous Newsletter the case number noted under “Court Use Only” was incorrect. For those of you who filed, and your form was returned, thank you for taking the time, and, if you haven’t already refiled,  please refile using this revised 26 (a) form (attached)with the corrected Case No. 2019CW3220.  For those of you who haven’t filed yet, the deadlines are quickly approaching so please file the attached 26(a)1 form.   

DEADLINES AND PRO SEE OPPOSER DEFINED:  To answer several questions I’ve received, if you did not hire an attorney to represent you when you originally filed your Opposition, you are what is called a Pro See Opposer/Objector.  Therefore, just like when you filed your Opposition to this “water grab” yourself, you must file the 26(a) (attached) yourself.  IF YOU DO NOT FILE A 26(a) form, coupled with your comments (comments due December 3, 2021), by November 23, 2021 you will be removed from any opposition to this “water grab” case.  

NOTE: The corrected attached form 26(a)1 already contains comments so, if you file the attached 26(a)1 form before November 23, 2021, it should meet the requirements of both the November 23rd and December 3rd deadlines.  Obviously,  you may add any additional comments that you want about the referee’s decision to approve Independence’s application.  

A sincere and humble apology is extended from those who made the error.  Please continue in the duration of this case.  File the attached 26(a)1 form and let the judge know that the community is serious about its concerns about our water.  

Please contact me should you have any questions. 


Diana Love

Corrected Document: 26(a)(1) Disclosure Template (2)