VERY, VERY SIGNIFICANT ERROR in 26(a) FORM that needs to be fixed and language clarification/definition

Hi Everyone,

While I have no excuse, despite the reason for the error, the language in the original 26(a) form sent in my previous Newsletter and the one I had put on the website had a very egregious error. If you used that one, you will quickly need to send in the attached one on this message with a note that it should replace the original one you already sent in. The beginning of the language in the first one said you “agreed with the applicants attorney, Stout and Hale”, where it should have said you “disagreed” with them. Please forgive that error. I was trying to timely get out this information to hundreds of people and I missed that typo. The language in the body of the message that I wrote that accompanied that attached 26(a) template is the better language that should have been used. That language is:

“The Opposer adopts and incorporates the comments to the protests to the referee’s ruling filed by Franktown Citizen’s Coalition II, West Elbert County Well Users Association, and Cordillera Corporation”

The attached template 26(a) has the correct language.

Clarification of a Pro Se Opposer:

Also, I’ve had some questions as to what a “Pro Se” Opposer is.
Pro Se Opposers are those people who have FILED a formal opposition in their name in the water court in response to Independence’s application but they are not represented by an attorney.

Only if you are a Pro Se Opposer, are you required to file a 26(a) form in order to not be dismissed from the case.

Again, my deepest apologies for the error.

Diana Love

Corrected Download:

26(a)(1) Disclosure Template (1)