Elizabeth CO planning to annex Eastern Franktown

Franktown View
Hi Everyone,
Last night a small group consisting of your FCC II Board members and some the officers of Franktown HOA’s that I have contact information for (I’m still trying to located all of you) met with the head of the Douglas County Planning Department and one of his managers.  The purpose of the meeting was to receive a briefing from Douglas County planning staff regarding their concerns on the city of Elizabeth’s draft of their Comprehensive Master Plan (ECMP) for the development of Elizabeth.   These concerns are because, as you know from my previous emails on this subject, one alternative the ECMP contemplates is annexing a large portion of eastern Franktown into the city of Elizabeth! There are significant issues for any property annexed into Elizabeth not the least of which is more taxes, coupled with the loss of the rural protection that the Douglas County Comprehensive Master Plan affords Franktown now, as well as other issues detrimental to our area (water, significant increase in traffic, inadequate infrastructure, etc.).
Many of the citizens of Elizabeth and surrounding areas are also concerned about all of the issues the ECMP contemplates and have contacted your FCC II Board for guidance on fighting the direction the ECMP appears to be going.
It was made clear by Douglas County planning staff at the meeting that they are on our side in this issue as they are opposed to any annexation of Franktown.  They support the property that Elizabeth is “eyeing” being put into a conservation/open space easement so that it can be protected and not developed.  On the ECMP, there will be a Third Community Meeting, August 21st, 6:00 to 8:00 pm at the Elizabeth high school.  Perhaps it’s now time we show up and find out what they’re trying to do to Franktown!!
Diana Love