Proposed changes to: DR2018-002 : 2040 Comprehensive Master Plan.

Why Make Franktown be like Castle Rock

Hi Everyone, ​

Here’s an update on what’s going on in Douglas County’s development.

The County is moving forward on the changes to Douglas County’s Comprehensive Master Plan (CMP).  There are only a few proposed changes to the Franktown portion (4-1) RIGHT NOW, but STAY TUNED because the County proposes looking at the Franktown portion of the CMP this year.  If you will recall, your FCC II has already sent in many comments regarding Franktown and met with County staff to try to protect Franktown during this process.   I have attached those comments/documents for you again.  Without all  Franktown citizens pulling together, protecting Franktown in this process is NOT possible.

Here are the instructions to get you to the website area that has the present proposed CMP changes for our county at this time.  Remember this is our county.  As citizens, each of us has a right to comment on this to be heard by our government officials.


  1.  PLANNING RECORDS ONLINE will come up.
  2.  Click on PROJECT SEARCH.
  3. SIMPLE SEARCH page will come up.
  4. By PROJECT NUMBER put in DR2018-002
  5. Click on SEARCH
  6. The CMP project will come up
  7. Click on VIEW PROJECT
  9. Click on box titled DOCUMENTS
  10. You are now on the page (there are 3 pages as you will see) for the CMP.  Click on NEXT at the bottom until you find on page 3 “REDLINE, STRIKE THROUGH, REFERRAL DRAFT, 2040 CMP–ALL SECTIONS.”  Check that box and click on download at the bottom.  You now have the redline proposed version for your comments.
Please address all of your comments to Joe Fowler at:  [email protected]   Acceptance of comments close April 23, 2019.
Diana Love