27 October 2017- Update

Hi All,

Just an update as promised. Nothing has happened as of yet–at least on the area we had our fight about. If anyone hears about anything else going in other areas of the village, please let me know.

Anyway, I wrote to Joe Fowler (Douglas County Planning Department) and asked if he had heard anything. He has heard that the owners of that area in Franktown are “in process” on a new land use concept. Because it would be in his area to handle again, he believes that he will be among the first to hear when they contact Planning Services. Their first step will be a Presubmittal meeting. The materials will be loaded into PRO on the Douglas County Website. I’ve added the instructions below on how to get into that area of the county website that I had sent out awhile ago. On PRO you can see what’s been filed after we get the new project number. Joe wrote that he would let me know when that process is initiated. When I hear from him, I will let all of you know right away.


Enjoy all of the holidays coming up!

Warm regards,

Diana Love