Franktown Village PD Update(s)

Save Franktown!

Hi Everyone,Save Franktown!

Here’s the latest on what’s happening plus some information for all of you.

  1.  I sent an email to Joe Fowler of the Douglas County Planning Commission requesting verification that the FVPD is totally closed.  His reply was that it was closed.  This means any new development plans for Franktown must be started all over from the beginning.  We all need to keep watch on the Douglas County Planning Pro website for any new filings because  those of you who attended the July 27th BOCC hearing are aware that the developers’ attorney stated at that hearing that they are working on a new plan already.  
  2.  At the July 27th BOCC hearing, I explained to the developers’ attorney that if they wanted to work with the community going forward, they would have to bring any plan to a meeting of the community at the fire station.  I hope he heard me.  Stay tuned. I’ll update you on whatever I hear.
  3. Unless something [urgent] comes up, I will probably just write once a quarter.   Also, if any of you hear anything, please send that information to me.
  4.  Again, the FCC II thanks those who donated, coupled with everyone who attended, spoke, reached out to their neighbors and did amazing preparation, this helped us put together our winning strategy.  Attached is the updated FCC II Treasurer’s report (Thank you Kathy Wright, FCC II treasurer).
  5.  I  thought all of you might like a copy of the two legal opinion letters that our water attorney did that were presented at the BOCC hearing.  They are attached also.

My very best to all of you.  We all should be extraordinarily proud of our community and all of its citizens.

Warm regards,

Diana Love