Protect Openspaces

Something very important for Franktown to support!

Below is the address to the Douglas County Open Space Initiative (DCOSI) website. This has been formed to propose and campaign for the extension of the .017% Douglas County Sales and Use Tax for Parks, Trails, and Open Space. This funding, if not extended, will expire in 2023. Funding from this program has benefited Franktown area residents through the purchase of many open spaces, trails and parks in the County, and locally, for the acquisition of the 700+ acre Hidden Mesa Open Space and the construction of the Cherry Creek Trail.

It will help preserve Franktown.

It is the goal of the DCOSI to persuade the Douglas County Board of County Commissioners to put this extension for funding on the Ballot for Douglas County voters to decide this November.

The DCOSI is asking for residents in the Franktown area to please sign the letter supporting this on their website and to come in mass to the Douglas County Board of County Commissioners meeting in the hearing room at the County building on 100 Third Street in Castle Rock on August 9th at 1:30 to let the Commissioners know there is public support for this extension, and to sign this on-line letter of support on the DCOSI website:

Protect our rural areas!

Your Franktown Citizens’ Coalition.