Updated Information about the Independence Water Fight & Trial

Hello to citizens of Franktown who are fighting to save your water:

The next step in the Independence water grab fight is the trial in water court. On August 12th the FCC II held a meeting open to both Franktown and Elbert County citizens where the FCC II’s attorney, John Buchanan, explained the issues. Attached you will find a copy of all of the information in the minutes from the meeting to bring you all up to speed on what was said, what is needed and how to accomplish that.

The audience voted unanimously to go forward with the trial!

Also, at that meeting, for those who could not attend or, unfortunately, weren’t aware of it, two things were requested by the audience.

The two things the audience requested:

A) The audience requested a place where they could go to give needed donations. PayPal was suggested. This is done! A DONATE button ( FCC II website) was added that will allow you to pay through PayPal or your debit or credit card. The audience wanted to know where they could mail checks: FCC II, PO Box 667, Franktown, CO 80116.

B) A form letter was requested that ALL of the people who filed Oppositions could use to send to the Judge to let the judge in the water court know how our communities feel about what the referee did. This is done! What happened is that it appears that the referee’s ruling to approve Independence’s application was entered without addressing any of the Opposers opposition points. That letter is on the FCC II website where you can download, make changes you want and send to the judge. The more letters of complaint sent, the more impact we can have!

Your Board looks forward to working together with all of you to fight this water grab!


Diana Love
Franktown Citizens’ Coalition II, Inc.