Re-cap of Progress

Recap of progress so far (from meetings held on 9/27 and 10/3)

    1. Future meetings will be 10/10, 10/17 AND 10/25 at the Firehouse at 6:30
    2. Retaining a specialist attorney (land use and development) to examine development proposal for opposition. Attorney will attend meeting on 10/17.
    3. Survey of neighborhoods/HOAs to determine support for opposition to Franktown Village.
    4. Financial assistance for paying attorney fees. Can neighborhood accounts contribute? Individuals? We may be able to us the Franktown Coalition LLC and account for deposits instead of a new LLC and account. Is it necessary for us to be an LLC? The Franktown Coalition is the original LLC set up to fight this development and has for many years.
    5. Prepare/encourage EVERYONE to send letters AND emails to all three commissioners and the Planning Commission. Outline of important points for letters and emails to be determined at 10/10 mtg. (6:30—Franktown Firehouse, Hwy 83)
    6. Everyone was encouraged to use social media to reach out and inform as many people as possible about what we’re doing and encourage them to attend the meetings.
    7. Everyone should inform themselves on: issues of compliance with Douglas County Master Plan, water, traffic, financial viability. Minimum necessary documents are:

NOTE: a new PD (development plan) was filed this week but as of 10/8/2016 it has not been posted to the Douglas County Website. The PD listed above is the original one.