19 June Planning Commission Update!


Hearing ImageHi Everyone,

For those who couldn’t make it last night, we won! Unanimous!  It was the citizens of Franktown showing up time after time that won the battle! The Planning Commission will recommend denial to the Board of County Commissioners.    Congratulations to all of you!

I call last night a “battle” because in order to stop this we have to win the “war”–which is the Board of County Commissioners vote (BOCC).   I don’t know if the developers will pull their application for the July 25th BOCC hearing.  I will keep you posted about that as well as the June 28th fire station meeting to prepare for the BOCC hearing and confirm whether or not they are going to go forward.   For now, enjoy this victory.  The citizens of Franktown deserve it!  WHAT A TRULY WONDERFUL COMMUNITY OF PEOPLE!  But be cautiously optimistic because we aren’t done yet.  There’s more work to be done.


Diana Love

For News reports and background information on last night’s session please visit our news page.