Amendment to April’s Update


UpdateHi Everyone,

In my April Update I let all of you know about two new filings with the County on March 27th by the developers, but at that time you couldn’t open them.  Joe Fowler of Douglas County Planning has gone back into the website and reconfigured the upload so now you can open them.   These filings consist of a draft of restrictive covenants for the proposed development and a draft proposed agreement on water and sewer with the elementary school. You can now go review them.  There still is no new application filed.

By now all of you should have received the postcard your board and steering committee put out to the community on stopping the proposed rezoning of Franktown.  We are working on more marketing and reach out as well.  Remember those of you who would like to be involved (please do get involved) to save Franktown and work on community reach out through the FCC II’s Marketng and Communications Committee, please contact committee chairwoman, Sara Scott, at [email protected].


Diana Love

Check out NEW FILINGS at Douglas County Planning Pro.  Do search for Project ZR2012-008 then click on “project” and then on “documents.”